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Note: good observation data can be found from September-December 2018.

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Welcome to the SOPA® 1.6 Demonstration Site!

Features of SOPA® 1.6

  • The ONLY BBS Observation Tracking database/software aligned with QSE's Values Based Safety® !
  • A service, not merely software! – we take good care of your data
  • Flexible for different kinds of organizations
  • new feature of SOPA for BBS 1.5 Chart and Data Selection page – easier to use Optional Selectors
  • new feature of SOPA for BBS 1.5 Separate Chart Window – won't disturb Selectors if you are doing comparisons
  • new feature of SOPA for BBS 1.5 Participation and Recognition Report
  • new feature of SOPA for BBS 1.5 Action Items from observation comments
  • new feature of SOPA for BBS 1.5 Export chart data to Microsoft Excel®
  • new feature of SOPA for BBS 1.5 Multilingual – languages can be developed with customer cooperation

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Recent Developments in SOPA®

Now on new servers!

We have moved SOPA® onto servers furnished by Amazon Web Services, administered by our friends at webapper. The folks at webapper were among the original developers of ColdFusion, the server software which allows SOPA to merge dynamic information from your database into the SOPA screens you view in your browser. webapper LLC is very involved in the development of a public-domain variant of ColdFusion called LUCEE. With their support, we will be migrating SOPA to LUCEE in coming weeks. Good things are planned for SOPA!

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